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Summary of Benefit. Listed below are the plan benefit summaries for dental and orthodontia.

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Dental Ventura
Orthodontia Alpine         (Adult + Child) for Northern CA
Clairmont    (Adult + Child) for Southern CA
Alpine II       (Child Only)   for NV


Provider Panels. 


Rates! Per pay period. Listed separately by state and type of membership. Prices include Orthodontic plan. Includes discounted rates for selecting both a dental and vision plan. The vision plan is provided by Vision Service Plan for the Dental + Vision and can be viewed here.



Dental + Vision (VSP)

Dental Only

Union Member

Associate Member

Union Member

Associate Member






Employee + 1





Employee + Fam






Forms to Print! Click on the desired form to enlarge the view and select print from you web browser.  If you do not have acces to a printer see our contact information below. Please mail all forms and correspondence to NWPA.


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Pacific Dental's
enrolment form
Postal Worker
direct deposit
Associate Member
direct deposit form


Contact NWPA  by email:     Phone  541-484-2781  Fax  541-349-0486

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